About us

What sort of business do you set up if you love the sea, the coast, art and the Isle of Wight? For us it was simple, The Seaview Collection.

We have long admired the work of the craftsmen and women of the island. Andy is the descendant of many generations of Islanders, and the craftsmen's pieces were frequently displayed in his grandparents' home in Bembridge, including Don Beckley's works from Seaview, which is the inspiration for the name of the company.

Sue's main love is the sea, wishing she had been born a fish she loves to swim, kayak, water-ski, snorkel and more. When she is not in the water she loves hiking on coastal paths. If you have never done the 60 mile Isle of Wight coastal path give it a try, it will be a truly wonderful experience.

Our first thought for The Seaview Collection was to source vintage Isle of Wight pieces in colours and styles that would enhance coastal homes, primarily in greens and blues. We also source other items, for example prints from Beken of Cowes. While sourcing IoW pieces we found other beautiful items that we felt would look perfect in the collection, for example glass from Finland, and ceramics from France, Germany and Jersey.

Therefore, for our launch we have ended up with 3 collections, the common theme  for all being any beautiful item that would enhance a coastal home:
    • Vintage Isle of Wight Pottery
    • Vintage Isle of Wight Books, Maps and Pictures
    • Vintage Coastal items from elsewhere in the UK and around the world

A joy in sourcing vintage items is that we have a belief that there are so many beautiful objects already out there, so why always buy new?

We do plan to introduce a further Contemporary Collection, and will be looking for companies producing beautiful, coastal inspired products and also forging connections with craftspeople creating items that enhance what we can offer you.

We hope you enjoy viewing the items we have collected and hope you enjoy watching us grow.

Sue and Andy x

16th October 2020